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Anniversary of 9/11 attacks tips wine glass over waves of renovations

Four years on and renovations of all varying degrees continues to blaze throughout the world. As the siblings of the slain called out their names in the gaping hole that is Ground Zero in New York, the world continues apace with the movement toward a new look face.

Jubilation feeds the Palestinians standing on mounds and grounds of rubble. After so long under the 38-year occupied rule of the Israelis, their energies are rampant on clearing land once held on by their synagogues. Eyes glitter with new art deco designs and compositions on landscape gardening. Presenting the Palestinians with the full experience of do-it-yourself renovations, the withdrawing Israeli troops abandoned 24 synagogues down the Gaza Strip for makeshift demolition.

Beams of light shooting up into the New York sky, unobstructed now given the absence of the twin towers, are more powerful than many flood lights. Even in such floods of recent passing, as in those that ravaged the citizens of New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States. Water having done much of the work in wiping out a grand scale of people, the time will soon come for a hoover the size of dams to clear the gunk and freshen the slate.

Over and atop the wave of destruction of a construction seduction, the Housing Industry Association in Australia released figures to show an up move on the home renovation market. Reports indicate "a rise of more than 24 per cent in the home renovation market in the June quarter to $832 million."

And they get knocked down to get up again.

Like a phoenix and stuff.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 12 September 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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