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Ant-Man and the Wasp

Fatigue quickly sets in when there is a lack of rest, of some kind, between the long stretches of going all out. Taking off half the day to run errands is a respite worth acknowledging for being ...

Reviewed 25 July 2018 under Film and DVD

Marvel Universe Live!

There is so much cheese here your back passage is going to be plugged up for the month. It's three main chunks of the Marvel Universe banding together to create a show that has another Loki juicy ...

Reviewed 16 November 2014 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Guardians of the Galaxy

With the Israeli–Palestinian conflict flaring up again, it's nice to be able to escape into a film instead about a broken peace treaty and a centuries long war between two peoples.

Reviewed 10 August 2014 under Film and DVD

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Long luscious pans of the back of Spider-Man's new costume, with fabric rippling from the wind as he sails down into the streets between the skyscrapers. A goofy, irreverent take on the bedlam.

Reviewed 15 May 2014 under Film and DVD

Iron Man Three

Dark film. Not just for the scenes of Tony Stark coming to grips with the aftermath of hanging out with the Avengers in New York, clutching at the shock of post-traumatic stress disorder. No.

Reviewed 17 May 2013 under Film and DVD

Thwip! zine by Ivan A. Martin

Spider-Man either wears boxer-briefs or a comfortably snug and supportive thong. Nothing like the loincloth of a few years back with cogs and an elaborate pulley system.

Reviewed 10 June 2008 under Racking through magazines

Spider-Man 2

Faces, people, it's all about the faces. Especially that of the main star, Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Fighting off the hidden mask appeal with Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, it's ...

Reviewed 7 July 2004 under Film and DVD

The Incredible Rampage; The Hulk

Free from the restrains of bondage related to employment whipping my balls like the dominatrix filling out a Business Activity Statement, watching the latest comicbook movie, The Hulk, seemed like ...

Reviewed 27 June 2003 under Film and DVD

Bamf! Snikt! Unnnggghhh! (X-Men 2 / X2: X-Men United)

In X-Men 2 onomatopoeic mutations finally get the work out they deserved in the first film. Most notable of all would have to be the contribution from Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner (Alan ...

Reviewed 2 May 2003 under Film and DVD

For All the Scars and Painkillers in the World (Daredevil)

Alterations to a super hero's costume are often made when the star inside the suit needs to be somewhat recognizable to the audience. The Tick is a prime hatchet of this, rubber-chinned in the ...

Reviewed 20 March 2003 under Film and DVD

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