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Cake - Enmore Theatre 01/04/2005

Easily flustered by traffic on the way in, all cares and woes were lost once Cake took the stage. That unmistakable guitar filter that they use filled my brain and the rest of the night I watched ...

Reviewed 3 April 2005 under Live Music

Sonic Youth - June 17th - The Enmore Theatre (e-mail conversation with Bluto.)

just quickly - what did you think of sonic yoof? i thought it was really good. good enough to get a ticket to go the following night. Actually, I hung around a bit after the show 'cause I wanted ...

Reviewed 3 July 2004 under Live Music

Queens of the Stone Age - Enmore Theatre - 09/02/04

Josh Homme is — seriously, now! — the most rockinest man in rock and the most sexinest in sex! He walked on stage wearing jeans and a black muscle shirt with a cigarette dangling from ...

Reviewed 14 February 2004 under Live Music

Henry Rollins (spoken word) - Enmore Theatre, 24 April 2003

I've never seen Henry Rollins before. Except in the film clips for "liar" and ...that other one. I don't own any of his albums. Except Come in and Burn.

Reviewed 24 April 2003 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Fear Not The Monkey (Live reviews from the Brass Monkey and the Enmore)

I'm never sure about whether or not to label a gig "Good" or "OK" or "Bad" or whatever. Normally there are more factors involved than purely the band in rating a gig.

Reviewed 22 April 2002 under Live Music

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