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Henry Rollins (spoken word) - Enmore Theatre, 24 April 2003

I've never seen Henry Rollins before. Except in the film clips for "liar" and ...that other one. I don't own any of his albums. Except Come in and Burn. I mention this only to establish that I'm not entirely familiar with this man.

Right from the get-go he was delivering hyperbolic rhetoric and comedic diatribe all over the hall and never seemed to lose any energy either through heat or otherwise. He spoke onwards and upwards for nigh upon 2.5 hours, making a theatre of buttocks numb and brains swirl with different ideas and opinions. And for this 2 and a .5 hours we were taken down some strange memory lanes; upon the weird tangent bus to a town known to many as OddMetaphoreville.

Henry is an eloquent and articulate man; having no trouble expressing his ideas. Numerous apologies were given as though he expecting violent repercussions from those who think in a different direction to he.

A lot of what he raved about is what I have been thinking of late, and only disagreeing on one or two points. I found myself kicking my own ass for not seeing Rollins the last few times he was out here, and as a wise friend said to me shortly after the show: " watch the video I gave you of his earlier shows...and you still have my Gimme Gimmes cd, you bum".

There was little analysis over the post-gig slurpee other than gratitude for the friendly pump-attendant who pointed out the 'every slurpee gets a free chocolate' rule. Props to you, young man.

Nothing out of the ordinary; the t-shirts in the lobby (or was it the foyer?) were almost as much as the tickets themselves. I spotted only one 'search and destroy' shirt on a punter on the way in. No black flag shirts to speak of.

A completely enjoyable night out. No hassles. No worries. No a/c in the Enmore. The only downer in a night of ups.

Jimmy Weasel

Reviewed on Thursday, 24 April 2003

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