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Do Power Rangers Still Exist?

There once was a time when the Power Rangers were all the rage. TV, comics, toys and all sorts of merchandise. They had the market saturated like any other franchise property.

For the past couple of years, their bobbing heads haven't been as prominent—at least in Australia anyway—as they once were at their height.

Yet, from a list according the Bandai property, out of the mouths of the Toy Industry Association of America, they've staked the spot of "Boy Toy of the Year" with the Power Rangers Ninja Storm action figure line. (They also snatched "Girl Toy of the Year" with Strawberry Shortcake's dollhouse, the Berry Happy Home.)

"Strawberry Shortcake and the Power Rangers continue to amaze everyone with their popularity," said Bill Beebe, senior vice president, sales and marketing. "We are extremely proud that two of our top brands' award nominations lead our entrance into this year's holiday season. With Bandai's numerous award-winning toys for both girls and boys, we will keep giving kids what they want to find on the toy shelves."

Bandai claim that the properties "exemplify the innovation and creativity that have made Bandai toys must-haves for kids"

Ethan Switch

Written on Tuesday, 23 December 2003

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