The Wax Conspiracy

Contrition and the absence of absolute and clear reason

Generating a sizeable quantity of an unknown substance beneath the parish he so steered, Pastor Usagi Jacobs found his position crumbling at his feet. Confidence on continued discretion and questions on the actual substance overlaying each sermon on the secret secretion driving hidden demons.

Reeking of an intense yellow and stinging of a greenish mole, the collection festered from below with an unrelenting strain of salt water. Combination of such covering the walls and pews in an undeniably slick film which led many parishioners of the church to faint during the hotter days of the month.

Recent jousting matches against Jaclyn Gusler, leader of a rival sect and suspected abortionist, drew much from the concentration. From both that of the unknown vat and of Jacobs' patience with the opponent.

For reasons unknown, Jacobs let loose a feral beast dubbed Callus to ravage its savage best upon the sleeping body of Gusler.

And in the morning nothing remained of her body save for the dark red pools and splatters over the interior of her lakeside cabin.

Grief overwhelmed the pastor's mind on the following morning. Fearing an unwashable corruption of his soul and no longer willing to hold responsibility for the batch of bile beneath, he set about covering his office in kerosene then set it alight.

Usagi Jacobs survived only so long until such time as when the flickering fingers of the flames consumed his body wholesale. Seconds under the heat of the blaze, mere ashes stood. Claimed without prejudice or judgement against the sins of his final moments.

No final rites of passage made their presence known in the dying breaths.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 23 October 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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