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The Mars Patrol - Turn it Around EP

Apparently, The Mars Patrol have been touring through various countries and are far from being underground. Unless you're in Australia. Then there's a large chance you'll have never heard of them. Unfortunate, considering that they are certainly worth repeat listening.

This 5 song piece of work appeared at my location eerily quick - perhaps the Scottish & Australian postal systems work better in cahoots than some other foreign mailing institutions.

At any rate, the object in question, the album, plays for approximately 15 minutes. The entire duration is what could possibly be described as "folk". They've been described in the past as being "simple and exciting". I'd hasten to add "dynamic and unique" to the list of adjectives.

The album features minimal percussion, which seems to work rather well. The vocals of Davina seem to blend rather well with the guitar strings of her partner in crime, Ross. Each of the tracks is a generous bearing of both soul and talent. And it's only the two of them that have anything to do with the album. All of the production, recording, mixing and so on are done without anyone else getting their sticky fingers in the way.

Much credit to this pair, who are able to make great music without swaying to any influence.

Jimmy Weasel

Reviewed on Saturday, 11 June 2005

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