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JoJo Siwa: The DREAM Tour

An hour before the hour before the doors open is a swarm of starchy hair bows breaching a concourse that cannot hold itself with the amount of JoJo Siwa costumes running along the edge of downtown city traffic.

Willie Nelson & Family

There is something rotten in the air. A dead noise. Volume is cranked up and lips are moving at the beat of the strum. Nothing much comes from it. It is the sound of being halved and it runs the whole night.

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band: The Final Tour

Each souvenir booth is neck deep. At least three spot the arena with lines banking out a dozen from the table, and the same in breadth. Not a structured line in sight. Branches of arms weave up and around somewhere toward the tills. It’s a half hour from the back before a chance to see what T-shirts and other merchandise are worth the base twenty-five dollars.

Foo Fighters: Concrete and Gold tour

There was a time when watching Foo Fighters play as headliners of the Big Day Out meant being punched in the shoulders as a couple of idiots kept slapping on stickers from some marketing brand again and again.

I Love the 90s with Salt-N-Pepa and Rob Base

Supermarket consumerism—living life from the belly of a shopping trolley—is the theme of the 90s. Right there on the bumper reel looping in the lead as the crowd gathers about, clip-clopping into their eventual seats. Over in the distance a shimmer of gold as a man in parachute pants and fishnet shirt gets mobbed for his MC Hammer costume.

Pink: The Truth About Love tour

A man in ruby red takes a few minutes to lick the bald scalp of a man who looks on with a straight enough face. His chewing gum offsets the discomfort expressed in his throbbing temple veins. Smack smacking the jaws, the gum chewing more and more exaggerated. He's trying to keep still, cool, but his eyes want to bug out. And then the spotlight moves off the forehead now in a waterfall of sweat.

Jason Mraz - Tour is a Four Letter Word

Do not take directions from Jason Mraz if you see him on a scooter. He'll lend you some, but they're not necessarily going to be where you want to end up. Peace be with you in your new found journey.

The Axis of Awesome - Comedy Off Broadway

The difference between a cockroach and a guitar pick splashing in grapefruit juice is hard to split. Of all the drinks in all the comedy clubs in all the States, this Australian comedy band from Sydney ends up washing their pick in this one.

Hey! We Don't Make The Yules! - Tripod - The Metro - 02/12/06

Rain on the city streets, people splish-splashing around and heading long into each other with their umbrellas down and for the charge. Partial shock and slight dismay at the fact that Utopia Records is no more. Or at least no longer in the underground location at the foot of the escalators into the George Street cinemas.

Bravo - Star City Showroom - 21/04/06

Genius. Staples right through the envelope and on to pierce the corners of both tickets. For safety, for security, for making sure the little tokens keep together like all good waffles should. Woman in the vest does things the hard way, yanking them every angle, forgoing any decision to pluck out the legs.

Electrelane - September 24th - @Newtown

Kiosk are on stage first.

Drawing Breath - The Song Company - Sydney Conservatorium of Music - 25/08/05

Dead lights on the main show off noodles and lines drawn in a Java 3D program. Off the lip of the stage is the console operator, a George Khut. Connected via a chest strap to the laptop, the man breathes in and out to quiet suggestions such as "take sips of air" and "breathe in hard." Swimming in and out and out and in, the lines represent the constrictions and relaxations of the diaphragm, as best as they can relay the information. A relaxing visual feast of nothing, the start of the Song Company's production of Drawing Breath is enough to knock out those eager for a nap.

Music Theatre Showcase - Australian Institute of Music - John Painter Hall - 04/07/05

There is a funeral or a party for Goths out the back. Everyone's in black. Apart from one pair of legs, it's an all dour sensation as the ensemble step out one after the other. First one, then two and then a flock of seagulls.
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