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Sonic Youth - June 17th - The Enmore Theatre (e-mail conversation with Bluto.)

just quickly - what did you think of sonic yoof? i thought it was really good.
good enough to get a ticket to go the following night.

Actually, I hung around a bit after the show 'cause I wanted to talk to you about it.

I thought it was a really good show and I considered going the next night as well.

I think the new songs are all really good and, so, I didn't mind that they played most of Sonic Nurse.
They played a nice selection of old stuff too - "Kool Thing," "White Cross" and I can't just now remember what the fuck else.
Shit, if I didn't wet my pants when they played "Schizophrenia," I can assure you that I did when they played "Skip Tracer."
And ending with "Tom Violence" was genius. Absolute fucking genius!

I thought the music was pretty exciting too. For some reason - probably from the Thousand Leaves horror stories you'd told me - I was expecting the gig to be a bunch of longwinded jams. I mean, I guess it was, but they were exciting, they made them sound exciting. Even a song like "Rain on Tin," which is mostly instrumental sounded really good.
I don't think that there was a point where I thought that the concert was dragging on.

In fact the only downside was that I did have some fucked up hippy junkie standing behind me trying to chat up some chick by, well, being a fucking asshole. I wonder how that went for him...

I did note that there was no "Mote," however.
Also, J. Mascis is a cock. Let's understand ourselves now - J. Mascis is a cock.

I've been wanting to review the concert but I haven't found the will power to do so. I should just post this e-mail.

p.s. You should watch Mclusky when they tour.
Blonde Redhead are also touring. Apparently, the new album isn't as noisy as their other stuff, but I've heard a few songs and I like them.

I Love You Golden Blue
Rain on Tin
Pattern Recognition
Paper Cup Exit
Dude Ranch Nurse
Empty Page
Unmade Bed
Making the Nature Scene
Skip Tracer
Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
White Cross
New Hampshire
Kool Thing
Tom Violence

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Reviewed on Saturday, 3 July 2004

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