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The Shins - The Gaelic Club - 09/12/03

I never particularly liked The Shins, certainly not enough to bother buying an album, but, driven by boredom, I decided to check them out anyway. The supports acts were Starkey (Starky?) and Iron & Wine.

I left home too late to catch Starky (Starkey?) and I was kind of disappointed because there's a song of theirs on the radio that I don't entirely hate.

I did, unfortunately, manage to see Iron & Wine. I have never seen a more boring band in all my puff. It was this slow to mid-tempo-ish folk music. All of the songs sounded the exactly the same with no change in dynamics.

I turned to the guy selling shirts (who I'd met a few times) and I told him that I'd never seen a band "suck so much cock," only to have it pointed out that he was wearing an Iron & Wine shirt. Oops, my bad.

The Shins, for those who don't know them, are a pop/rock band. They're the kind of band which write melodies that are often described as being "gorgeous" in popular music magazines.

They had a little success on the back of a single called Know Your Onion!, and, in fact, this was the only song that I really wanted to hear, and, in fact, I knew that the gig wasn't going to be over until they played that particular song.
And play it they did, at the end of a six—six, mind you!—song encore. Who encores for six songs? The encore was half the length of the gig itself.

The Shins put on a pretty good show, I guess, probably worth the forty bucks that I paid to see them. It was worth it for the crowd alone—I have never seen so many angular haircuts in all my life and neither have I seen so many boys that looked like girls, and girls that looked boys.

Incidentally, their drummer looks like he is made entirely out of ham.

Just as I left the Gaelic Club I saw a guy walking up to public telephones and ripping the handsets off the receivers.

Also, I bumped into Bluto's Cousin and some of her friends - peace and love.

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Reviewed on Wednesday, 10 December 2003

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