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The Shins - The Gaelic Club - 09/12/03

I never particularly liked The Shins, certainly not enough to bother buying an album, but, driven by boredom, I decided to check them out anyway. The supports acts were Starkey (Starky?) and Iron ...

Reviewed 10 December 2003 under Live Music

Kool Keith - The Gaelic Club - 4/12/03

Somewhere along the line—and I don't know if it came like a thief in the night—the sweaty, meat-composed drunken idiots that I used to encounter in heavy metal shows have migrated to ...

Reviewed 8 December 2003 under Live Music

Turbonegro (& Hard-Ons) Gaelic Club 17/10/03

If you'd have told me that 11 hours after the show I'd still be pulling some clumps of blood from my hair & finding feathers stuck to my shoes, I'd have said you were insane.

Reviewed 19 October 2003 under Live Music

All things dark & sweaty - Soilwork (+ frankenbok and Stronger than Hate) 13/9/03

The time on the ticket said 8pm, so I made sure I was there with ample time. I wanted to get "the feel" of the place before the crazed metal antics began.

Reviewed 13 September 2003 under Live Music

The Folk Implosion - 19/6/03 - The Gaelic Club

The Folk Implosion is Lou Barlow, Imaad Wasif and Russell Pollard. I'd been putting off reviewing this gig for so long because I wasn't sure that I would be able to review it with any degree of ...

Reviewed 25 June 2003 under Live Music

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