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Australia V Iraq - Telstra Staduim 26/03/2005

Honestly, is this the best Australian Soccer can offer? It should not be surprising that less than half the stadium was filled for a game such as this. And the noise from the Iraqis was unrelenting and provided the only thrills of the game.

Despite winning 2-1, the Socceroos managed a lacklustre performance, which is best explained in terms of hunger. Perhaps because it was a 'friendly' match, where the outcome was of no matter. Hell, anyone would play like they didn't need it when they didn't really need it. The hunger from the Iraqi team far surpassed that of the locals, excepting a few substitutes (Elrich, I'm looking at you here), which explains why they were striving for a faster game. This also explains why Iraq scored first.

Australia were also outclassed in terms of speed, and "defensive alertness," and no doubt had many a crowd in front of televisions all over the country clutching their heads and cursing each chance on goal that was scattered to the breeze, every pass that went astray, and every counterattack that was narrowly thwarted. Grappa has a way of making a man more passionate about his verbal abuse of a screen...

Jimmy Weasel

Reviewed on Saturday, 26 March 2005

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