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Watching Watchmakers Watch Life Tick By

One way to end a life is to place a gun in your mouth. But in doing so, are you committing a phallic symbol?

Think Timex and you might even think of watches. Gearing up to launch a new global campaign, Timex have started to look down on the down trodden in life and have declared "Life is Ticking" as their new tagline.

As part of the campaign they will release a serious of prints and images supposed to convey a wry visual humour in exaggerated "problem" areas of the targeted Timex consumer.

Tackling such issues as the homeless situation and the depressed, one print shows a pair of legs from underneath tussled blankets while another shows a man lost in the bland wilds of suburbia. Images of which are all too often seen daily in the city scape as bums, hobos and the impoverished luckless flank the sidewalks asking for loose coins.

While Timex may have the right watch for everybody and every lifestyle, not everyone will have the right lifestyle for Timex standards.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 27 August 2003

The Wax Conspiracy

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