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Frog Hugging Candle Wicks Get Licked

The ACCC have accepted a recall move from Bonnet Imports on frog ornaments containing candles with lead wicks. Champions of all things toward consumer satisfaction, the ACCC were not called to notice on the claim of the lead wicks, but that the wicks contained more than 0.06% of lead as part of their overall weight.

While a permanent ban on selling leaden wicks has been in effect since September 2002, the ACCC are stunned that they have been able to find retailers still selling the items. The wicks are easy enough to spot with the wick sporting a silvery or dark lead centre.

"If consumers find such candles they should be immediately returned to the store from which it was bought for a refund", ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, "It should certainly not be lit."

Worse still, the item in question is an abomination of the simple tranference of wildlife design. Two frogs are canoodling on lily flowers and opened oyster shells. The sheer complacency of the designer should be warning enough.

If it's candles, it's news.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 29 August 2003

The Wax Conspiracy

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