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The Prestige

Outside a church stands a man with a microphone. Over on his left are three school boys, waiting for the bus and to hear anything that makes up the traffic that flows down the main road.

Reviewed 1 December 2006 under Film and DVD

Duck - Written by Stella Feehily - Downstairs Theatre, Seymour Centre - 23/06/06

Pause for even a second in the automatic doors of the Seymour Centre and feel the clench of the glass swings go cracking a rib. Breathing and walking take a chance and go out with the doors unsure ...

Reviewed 25 June 2006 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

In A Heartbeat; 28 Days Later

Managing to both offload an extra double pass that came into my possession and wolf down a foot long meatball sub in thirteen minutes there was an anxious wait.

Reviewed 3 September 2003 under Film and DVD

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