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Confessions of a Misspent Weekend - Splendour in the Grass - 2004

wonderful, yes This review was written in spurts over the period of a week, if it doesn't flow well, that is why. Saturday Franz Ferdinand I heard the Franz Ferdinand album on the way up to Byron ...

Reviewed 1 August 2004 under Paradox of Sets

Luke Vibert - YosepH

This review is more segue than review. I hope we can still be friends. YosepH was one of those CDs that I bought on a whim and came to regret doing so almost instantly.

Reviewed 14 February 2004 under Paradox of Sets

A slew, a veritable slew, of concerts. (For Allen Ginsberg) (For Quentin Tarantino)

##Wednesday - 15/10/03 - (One Way Out - Gyroscope - Less Than Jake) On Wednesday I saw Less Than Jake supported by Gyroscope and One Way Out. One Way Out were a generic new school punk band that ...

Reviewed 19 October 2003 under Live Music

it makes children detonate explosives... that's why flies carry communications from outer space

I spent a good hour and a half of my day today watching Jurassic Park III. I had been warned that it wasn't that great a movie, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for the horror ...

Reviewed 24 October 2002 under Film and DVD

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