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DJ Krush - Stepping Stones; the self-remixed best

Stepping Stones is essentially a best-of and remix record in one. Taking songs from as far back as 1994's Strictly Turntablized, Krush collects and presents some of his best tracks — some ...

Reviewed 23 January 2007 under Not So Live Music

Sentimental (White Feathers)

I've always stated that I'll know that I've made it in life when I own an argyle fez. However, getting fez makers and argyle manufacturers in the same room has been difficult.

Reviewed 18 May 2003 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

85 Loop {DJ Krush - Metro Theatre - 10/05/03}

I told Compadre to drive to my house thinking that the concert was going to end very late and that, if he drove, he'd get screwed over by the trains. I knew that it started at 7:30pm and there ...

Reviewed 10 May 2003 under Live Music

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