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The Cape Coast Caper (#1)

The day? January 26. The time? Common 4|4. We came, and saw, and were made aware of the savage history that is Ghana's coastline; formerly the Gold Coast....

Published Thursday, 27 February 2003

The Akosombo Dam Adventure

"Later, i'll show you the dam site." the guide uttered. I replied "i'll bet that's a damn site downstream", thinking it amusing at the time. "yes. the dam site. enjoy the boatride". There is no room in Ghana for wordplay...

Published Thursday, 27 February 2003

Traffic: a nasty necessity

Saturday, February 22: An Australian traveller was slightly injured, moderately annoyed and excessively sweaty after a collision between a tro-tro and a four wheel drive on the outskirts of Accra, ...

Written Thursday, 27 February 2003 under Paranoid Times

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