The Wax Conspiracy

Winter Games game with gamey game

As the XX Winter Olympics snowballs proceedings and cranks potato flakes on throwing medals around necks, a few rampageous spectators set down to absorb the action. Bringing the feeling and atmosphere of the Torino Games right into their living room, they inevitably lose some of the actual meaning behind the spirit of the Games.

Sweltering in the obscene heat of Australia's summer, the band of merry mischief and mayhem makers charged their slender bottlenecks and hailed a small dozen round of duck nests. Citing nothing more than the duality of individualism and team spirit, the small group of enthusiasts unleashed their passion for the Games on the game foul.

Unfortunately, as the scene was that of a petting zoo, the children witnessing the slaughter were left with no recourse but to tread carefully.

Ensuing patterns from a discussion on seasons and the likelihood of racing frostbite, most likely the source of inspiration after the initial idea behind gathering an image featuring the five colours of the Olympic rings.

Blue waters of the pond. Yellow sun bearing a warming glow. Black souls looking into the bodies of glass bottles. Green feathers flying about at the beat of delicate and warped interpretation. A soundtrack by Split Enz.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 12 February 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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