The Wax Conspiracy

Turning the prophets of drugs as promotional tools of ill-wisdom

Commemorating the day in which Guru Arjan Dev Ji sacrificed his life in 1606, bands of men adorning turbans braved the hoarding masses of many lunch time crowds around the world. Overlords beyond crates and packs of cola, they hammered the thrusting drive into the faces of each freebie mongering passerby. Packed behind each punch, indiscriminate doling of Pepsi and Coca-Cola, sustaining the caffeinated consciousness of the public after the revelations in previous weeks made by prominent star athletes.

As gloss soaked flyers shot out from what they called shabeels (cold drinks stall), phrases such as "please do not throw this paper, pass it on thoughtfully" littered the mind. An intent such as the ever burning war between the two cola giants of the world. Left to their own devices, the fleeing cans with nary a thought or second hand reference suffered no more than would any other sample of the public threat. Such as the raffle in the name of organ transplants featuring a slightly dented sedan as the major prize.

Stocky and stocky, a man in a green suit with large monstrous petals featured in the headdress stood sure in the middle of Pitt Street mall of the Sydney CBD. Front and back on the sandwich boards of doom, his declaration of "The Beginning is Nigh," prompted a woman to stand alongside bearing stolen flowers from a non-existent roadside florist.

As the malaise raged through the city streets of Sydney, a rally of support in Brisbane for convicted drugs smuggler, Schapelle Corby, fell woefully short of numbers to beat out the throng of media gathered for the non-event.

Promoting different causes, the four cases of the day revealed some naked truths. Impersonal wars develop indifferences, flowers beget flowers, road side accidents deliver warm organs and supporters of Schapelle Corby have turned in for fear of being taken at scenes showing their racist mentality.

Clean up crew on the Hume Highway.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 3 June 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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