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Turkey slap incident helps flog Big Brother log

Running rampant with creaming publicity, an incident of sexual assault in the Big Brother compound in the early night vision hours of Sunday manages to pump the shaft of the series ratings. Trigger insomniacs watching the live streaming were the first and only to see the action play out.

At the centre of it all, pseudonyms for contestants Ashley, real name Michael Cox and John, real name Michael Bric. Straddling their bed as fellow housemate Camilla Halliwell took a face full of meat. Playful fun according to the two men. "Not cool," exclaimed Halliwell of the instance.

With a rest for the amorphous being that is terrorism, ongoing power struggles between State and Federal levels of government and niggling immigration bungles, the call was on for the politicians of Australia to speak out and appear relevant or at least concerned.

Loud and boisterous in their opinion, many, if not all, are calling for the show to end. Clearing away the programming schedule and opting not to pounce on the opportunity to discuss and debate issues regarding sexual assault and the perception of both victims and perpetrators.

Caws and beating off on the publicity machine soon afforded a few speakers to air their heads from underneath the blankets.

Weeks on with a constant appearance on nomination polls, Halliwell, the victim of the turkey slap, is now short on odds to win the sixth series of Big Brother.

Speculation has viewership lubing up a juice box on the internet feed in the vain hopes of witnessing another personal violation.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 3 July 2006

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