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Conserving water: Public restrooms with a mind for hygiene

Civil societies with running water dictate that after using the bathroom, a simple washing of the hands is in order. Fear strikes the hygienist working duty as a restroom attendant. A casual glance will show that not every one follows the simple rule of public courtesy.

Excuses may abound as to why this quick act is an afterthought for some and totally out of mind for many others. One such is that it presents an unnecessary use of water.

There exists an easy to follow method that preserves not only a cleaner environment but also helps minimise excess wastage of water.

After the business, either turn the tap on or leave it off while at the basin. Rinse quickly and turn it off if opting for the former. Head straight to the soap if on the latter.

Lather the hands with the available soap. Work a good lather as best and as capable as the oil in the skin and the crevices will allow. An inconsiderable amount of foam is the objective. Slime helps no one.

Slyly work the hands to turn on the tap, covering said object with as much of the lather as possible. Rinse off the soap on both the hands and the tap. This will double in presenting an opportunity to turn on the water again and to clean the tap of a filthy handshake.

For best effects and time consideration, a detached feeling from the hands and lather will mean less time spent with running water. The easier and loftier the lather feels, the less time lingering running the water getting rid of that "slippery" feeling and thus negating the whole exercise.

Turn the tap off after washing the hands and head toward the door. Wait for the next person to enter so as to avoid touching the handle. Slip through before the close.

Not every one washes their hands. To grab the door handle after washing your hands is like fingering the crack for warmth and hoping the face will benefit from the transmission of heat.

If perhaps the restroom offers no available soap, in either a spray, liquid or bar form, try not to walk in in the first place.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 30 June 2006

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