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Sheikh gone to rattle a roll of dead non-refrigerated meat

Controversy is nothing short of a week, where the legs are cut off to form new stumps and the hands deliver unto them pads of salt to wade through. Cause for salad dressing celebrations and it's Caesar without his head but a neck crowned with bay leaves.

Icelandic whalers aren't Japanese enough and the furore of kicking in a new hunting season outside the season is quick to wash away with the flotsam and jetsam.

Muslim cleric Sheikh Taj el-Din Al Hilaly threw in cats over the dogs with regards to finally translated snippets of his sermon. Easy fly in the eye has the masses misconstruing his comments making out uncovered meat to be women free of the hijab.

Shouts down to the flurry and not much of a closer look after the initial pump and grass run. Grind the hard stone, and as the overlay context is of women, rape and attempting to shift the sands of responsibility on to victims, the nose on the raw meat says something else under the gristle.

Reanimation of dead meat for the position of responsibility for one.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 29 October 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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