The Wax Conspiracy

Scud drops Delta, picks up Hilton, looks for puppet strings

Symbiotic despair lingered in the air of the days diving into the weekend of past. The tennis playing entity consisting of Lleyton Hewitt and Kim Clijsters were no longer. Their relationship now on separate sides of the court and orchestrations set in motion to one day see both names sit atop the rankings simultaneously. Weeks or so leading up to their final bonding as a sole unit the pair split with details casting doubt on the mark that they were more than the one being and stand-alones shimmering reflections merely as a side-effect of too many media adoptions into the bossum.

Then, in a sure sign of one-upmanship over his fellow player and countryman, Mark Philippoussis dumps cancer squeezing singer/songwriter Delta Goodrem for the model with the plumber's crack, Paris Hilton. With the split between Philippoussis and Goodrem came so close on the heels of Hewitt and Clijsters leans are made to stretch connections and all sorts of out turns for celebrity tennis entangled couples.

Quite possibly this may all be an orchestration set in play by that of Goodrem herself. Readying up for another attack on the wallets of the Australians who have already seen her go through so much in promoting her music. The uncanny eagle-eye on the heartbreak trend with sights set on the opportunity provided with the flaky Philippoussis and internet porn star Hilton.

Shadows engulf the Hewitt/Clijsters beast.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 25 October 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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