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Roman, Roman, Roman, keep those numbers moving...

Following the passing of recent days, a natural progression of numerical stakes would have counted the death of Monaco's Prince Rainer III after the Catholic church's Pope John Paul II as a clear marker. One to sound off the clear felling of the slate. Freshly anointed heads of state with monikers at IV on edge to rebuff the roll on effect between III and the guarana enhanced state of V.

Count the numbers and the procession spells not the clamour and pallor of death. But as friends of the Cookie Monster would have it, a simple numeric lesson kicking the world over.

Pope John Paul II finally takes board upon the carriage as the millions of late arriving pilgrims and worshippers are locked out and will forever suffer the painful shortfall of transit. The Polish Pope leaves a legacy punctuated by a long and remarkable life, taking the papal crown as the third longest serving pontiff at the Church. With two by three, we see six.

Earlier in that week, fleeting notice is given as Prince Rainier III fails to stay death, despite all tastes for life. Rainier will now watch from the afterlife as the principality of Monaco walks under the benevolent bobsled reign of his son Prince Albert II. Two and three still say six. Three on two says eight. Three after two says Jordan to some, Bryant to others, and Heal to Sydney Kings fans.

Capping off the sudden flush of capital numerals, England's Prince Charles finally weds his co-conspirator/mistress without a care, Camilla Parker Bowles in a quiet civil ceremony. Future ascension to the throne of the Commonwealth—against or on the disputed and rumoured warrant of a trade-in—may see Charles Philip Arthur George one day step up as King Charles III with Camilla as the Princess Consort. Unless the polo enthusiast takes the name of King George VII.

In which case, three from seven screams fore and ruins any chance of a trinity.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 11 April 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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