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Rats continue jumping the Commonwealth Games ship

Slitting the throats for no other reason than pleasure. the count increases again on the athletes stepping aside from the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne later this month. As the implausibility of other nations posing much of a threat, the exodus of the heavies leaves with the spectacle a freckle of doubt.

Sidling up with Grant Hackett on the benches last night, Ian Thorpe, under a dubious cloud of sickness. One in which the swimmer has been granted permission to turn his body into a receptacle of pills, tablets and various other drugs. Taking the place of Thorpe, the switching mind of Craig Stevens. Stevens earlier having surrendered his place to Thorpe in the Athens Olympics.

In front of a favourable home land crowd, the prospect of Stevens winning in Australian waters is more fetching than the chances of winning in Grecian waters. Swapping one for the other, the lesser is more and the moors of the spores grow on top of a vomit hit floor.

Not worth watching on as the swimmers feast upon the attention of defection, England's Paula Radcliffe ran herself right out of the running for another marathon championship. Taking more effort than the sublime supping of sewage, Radcliffe hit a rock with subsequent bruising proving too hardy in dying down.

On the accountant's side of disappointment, thousands of tickets to the opening ceremony remain linger in a state of disease, untouched and unwanted like a bucket of used tissues. Games Volunteers may well benefit from free tickets should the organisers fail to offload tickets with a clear margin against empty seats.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 8 March 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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