The Wax Conspiracy

Intercourse Pervades the Mind Concerned with Frankenstein's Work

Hoisted in the stirrups, legs spread apart for examination and review, French film Anatomie de L'enfer (Anatomy of Hell) directed by Catherine Breillat was awarded the R18+ rating by the Office of Film and Literature. Many are their lot and another brand of self-anointed public conscience, this time being that of the Australian Family Association, was sent reeling on the news of another application for banning a film was dismissed with an R rating.

The AFA's shooting off from their supposedly current concern leads their main beef in the raw turkey's stuffing entrance of human cloning a little cloudy. Hot collared and moist in the seat of their pants, AFA represent their motives clearly in the gambling stakes of taking side bets here and there to submit applications to the OFLC review board.

Riding their concern, a scene in the film depicting a naked child. Their loss doubles from the turntable of sex in celluloid and smoke-filled theatres. Now with an actual rating, distributor Potential Films, might not see the high attention awarded Irreversible.

The R18+ rating for Anatomy of Hell reads "Actual sex, High level sex scenes, High level themes." Fair in the eyes of bystanders, the classing should surely satiate a mob which list the high concept of cloning humans as their red button issue.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 8 July 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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