The Wax Conspiracy

Dingoes eat babies for breakfast before getting shot in the face by supper time

Meryl Streep's questionable Australian accent in the 1988 film production of Evil Angels/A Cry in the Dark has risen again like disagreeable chunks of human flesh.

After 25 years, a man calling himself Frank Cole stepped into the headlights of national attention with his startling claim of wildlife tomfoolery. Centred with a shaky cock sight, Cole claimed that he had shot the dingo what nabbed little baby Azaria Chamberlain all those many years ago. Sprouting forth from his estate, the 78 year-old man then added that he had dumped and buried the body of the child, fearful of being taken in by the blasting of his gun in a wildlife park.

Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, mother of Azaria the rag-doll, shot back at the story claiming more holes than her dead daughter's body. Poking through the account, Chamberlain-Creighton labelled the story as a tale of a crazy old man looking for media love and attention. Attention that is supposed to focus on the upcoming mini-series, Through My Eyes, starring Miranda Otto as Lindy Chamberlain and Craig McLauglin as her then husband, Michael.

According to the producers of the mini-series, research conducted for the film revealed truths and information never before heard or previously known.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 8 July 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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