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Free toaster oven and sandwich presses with religion

Drains continue to siphon the recent Easter celebrations of zombies and undead of the world. Leader of the Roman Catholics, the Pope, tried in vain to speak out of his living conditions and rent. Taken away from the sunshine's spotlight, denied by rights of incapacitation, the annual Easter speech sees a complete run in wishes fall short to the death.

Gargling across the balcony of his studio apartment over St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, the Pontiff was hauled away from the scene after a short attempt to enunciate mere words.

Earlier in the week, having blessed a prince in the "one for the road" range of specials, Pope John Paul II was looking onward and feeding his stomach through the use of a feeding tube. A man of fashion sparking cues along the case of United State's vegetable Terri Shiavo and her means of sustenance without a definite "rigor mortis" toe tag or benefit of living will.

The body count continues to climb following another hit to Indonesia. An act on the table of no fault from the people but their earthly abode. Pilgrims kneel down in disillusion across the target areas of Asia. Their faith a wavering aspect and uncertain guarantee for life. Many of whom are considering abandoning their faith in God altogether. They of the ones who have yet to fully commit to walking away from a party well and truly stocked with kegs of conflict and dipping bowls of hope.

As the numbers in the Asian Pacific region must be rectified, the Australian government still champions the tags on making their "switch to Christ for a visa" campaign. More valid now with detainees and refugees searching in their quest for humanity a certain uncertainty living in conditions even unfit for human slave cattle.

The good Lord is ever more in the spotlight.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 31 March 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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