The Wax Conspiracy

Feel the heat on the street

If two previous incidents lead to a third, thus conclusively constructing a conspiracy, the gay community of Australia should be on full alert to their safety.

Over on the weekend in Melbourne, a Harley Davidson dealership went up in flames. The estimated cost for the spectacular manoeuvre so far nears the $4 million mark if not surpasses it. The patrons of a nearby gay spa/sauna were forced to evacuate.

A few months prior, the Stonewall hotel in Oxford Street, Sydney, saw its first floor cave in on top of the lower. News coverage of the incident only labelled it a 'nightclub' yet with the name of the establishment held in firm view. The original Stonewall Inn is located in New York and is considered lighting the spark of the gay pride movement in the late 60s.

One recurring theme found present in the Police Academy films is that of the raging homosexuals depicted as black leather-clad Bikers. This idea is also present in a video game known as Vendetta—wherein the player must 'bash' the biker lest they be humped dry from behind.

The annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras—after being revamped through a bankruptcy, will again float down the city streets soon enough. Just in time for Christmas: gays are the new blacks.

Perhaps these events could be a retaliation from hard-lined fanatical Christian groups who've been overshadowed by the Muslim religion of late?

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 16 December 2002

The Wax Conspiracy


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