The Wax Conspiracy

Creaking pensioner nearly beaten by egg

When Margaret Ibeth accepted a free meal from a neighbour she didn't think that it would have been so painful. As she was taking her third bite into the free lunch her mouth crippled away to the pain she felt searing from her lower gums. She had taken a bite filled with egg shells.

Eggs were one of the main ingredients to the simple repast and, as in most dishes, aren't taken along with the hard calcium packaging. And this was supposed to be a dish like any other. In this case, fried rice. But as a comedic sketch would have it, one near sighted woman is fed by a near to near sighted woman. Blind feeding the blind as it were.

Humans have been weaned into eating processed food with nary a thought into the possibility that there may be shards of pain buried inside. Had Margaret been chewing purposefully and slowly she wouldn't have fallen off her rocker from the intense pain of sliced gums. But she didn't expect embedded egg shells and didn't think her neighbour was "out to get her."

Margaret says that in the future she'll look more closely to what she's eating, "I'll take a closer look at what I'm eating in future."

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 18 July 2003

The Wax Conspiracy



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