The Wax Conspiracy

Big Bother over a Little German's Sign

Fitted with a newly supplanted transsexual into the mix of residents of Big Brother, the need for controversy was upstaged by a little German with rampantly wild facial hair. Staging a political protest on his eviction from the Big Brother compound, housemate Merlin Luck whipped out gaffa tape and silenced himself as he walked down the eviction aisle with a sign reading "FREE THE REFUGEES." Facts shot down by the Minister for Immigration as only the lucky few are classified as refugees, the rest, detainees.

On making his defeated tramp down the runaway onto the stage the sign fell apart to signal a wish to "FREE TA REFUGEES." Fear running rampant through his beady little eyes, the German's legs never stopped shaking his body. A sniper bullet not forthcoming, Merlin was ushered off stage rendered useless by his refusal to speak. Whirling around a chance to spark some sort of controversy, the fact that Merlin is not an Australian citizen and proud of the fact but unable to compose himself while under a barrage of questions related to such.

Under examination is not the plight of the detention centre inhabitants, but rather the source of the gaffa tape. Pre-op transsexual Miriam/Maria had earlier revealed herself to the housemates. Whether or not Merlin asked Miriam for some tape is uncertain.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 14 June 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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