The Wax Conspiracy

Bardflys collect collective crown for final Sydney poetry slam

With few suffering blindness from a constant high blow flash bulb, an audience close to one hundred, or less dependent upon accounting schema, were witness to the Sydney Poetry Slam finals of 2005.

Holding court in the Mitchell Wing of the State Library of NSW, rhyme and performance of a night's festivities. Service of Dr Pepper non-existent, the doling of free alcohol rode against limits of two blue bands.

Combatant forces of Token Word and One Word warmed their hands behind their backs at the night's close. The crew from the Speakeasy heat wearing the poetry crowns. Glory of the team section, the Bardflys with members Ben Ezra, Alana Hicks and Nick Sykes.

Smothering his head as the overall winner in the individual performance, and scoring his eyes in American Crew hair product, Bravo Child (of the reigning Word Wrestling Federation title holders, House-Cat Havoc).

Patrick Alexander and Nick Sykes collecting second and third place honours respectively.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 8 December 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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