The Wax Conspiracy

Crossroads, where cross words

Crossroads, where cross words are spoken and crosswords broken, where signs are written in Chinese, in Arabic, and suddenly the world makes sense. Go into trees and do whatever birds do, recognise the poachers’ work by the look in their eyes.


Arrows point in opposite directions to VENICE and BERLIN.
The CAMERA MOVES IN on the portion of the sign reading BERLIN.]

Mayakovsky-inchoate, Futurist-rhythm directions as dental floss. Example: “semicircle go to it buy flowers or inflate balloons enter circle note to your allotted number and your partner comes out of a fake white picket fence looking things inmates. (Probably assaulted by the man behind the fence non in for assault)”

Pinhole camera eyes, colostomy bag x, where x = the latest consumer medicine information is available electronically.

Ask your pharmacist about any last sensations: the straps are made tighter; the bleachy smell of clean. Squeeze through the backgammon teeth.

Belvedere Jehosophat

Written on Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Wax Conspiracy

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