The Wax Conspiracy

Turn faces to paces and its closing down with the sun, hun

Kick a busted out tire and wrap it round a calamari ring, the mood for painting socks into the wind is but coming to a close for another pair of much vaunted public figure Australians.

Leading into the charged memorial on the first half of the week, with fans flocking in red and black and hitting Sandown Raceway, Peter Brock. Driver of a few cars, champion of a many years and titles, a run in with a tree getting the better of him.

The other side of the celebrity death flip squad to balance out the week, Steve Irwin, found his time on an empty seat the day after. This despite having met with the Reaper a few days before in the initial run down the gullet of death. Takes time to prep a media circus with tickets raffling an entrance to the final respects.

Perpetual trophy crowning status, holding a name on the chunk of metal lifted above the heads of champions of Bathurst 1000, is the legacy made shortly in the days following the death of Brock.

On the other side of the waters, The Croc Hunter's rabid legion where out a huntin' and a snappin' like good crazy folk are wont to do with vengeance attacks on stingrays.

Two is enough for many things. Duos, pairs, twins and mirrors. Such is the leave of Australia and with a little jump across the pond, a batch of good oil. Mixing in elements of the two big singing with the deep-sixed results in what appears to be Richard Hammond, of Top Gear cohosting duties, making the notices and forwarded exclamation for fans of the cult show.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 22 September 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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