The Wax Conspiracy

Striking while the cold Korps are hot

The Joe and Maria Korp press machine rolls and polls more and more in time that passes. Up for a posthumous blitz, the week prior saw Joe Korp slash his own life shortly after the funeral of his clinically dead and buried wife, Maria.

Taking time to reflect on the crime, Supreme Court judge Justice Philip Mandie, noted his decision to excise Joe from Maria's will was based on the moral responsibility of causing Maria's demise in the first place. That and with Joe no longer being able to collect, a circular loop was exacted.

Wallowing in the wake of the welcome, Gust Korp, brother to Joe, continues moves to cash in on the Korp hate/love triangle tragicomedy. Claiming a protracted examination of the events will bleed into sales, Gust is looking to sooner than later to sell off the diary and video by Joe to the highest bidder outside of Live8 tickets.

As two Korps are already down for the count, chances of Gust joining in the family plot remain faint. Should Gust spur more media attention and possible sales targets of the diary and video left by his brother with a suicide, it will leave the Korp name dry and without an executor holding on to the fated purse.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 19 August 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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