The Wax Conspiracy

Smokes right between the eyes

Straight to the heart, and it's all too late. One falls by the side as two behind break and collapse in the heat of struggle. A chasm lies too deep and wide between their ability and their means. Reaching beyond the stars, the dreams that paralyse them are only minor.

It's the cold heat of fear that drives one lot and cripples another set. The disparity rings large in a small group, where the blue blood of murder is only as warm as the heat between the toes.

More than just a mind game, the quickening that hastens the steps also hastens the beating of the heart. Far too long with no end in sight and the result is clear from the tree tops to the banks of the drying rivers.

Vision quests lure the fools into a headlong dive into their own deaths, unknowing of the fact that the boring and burning deep between their eyes is not that of enlightenment.

rule the board with the bishop

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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