The Wax Conspiracy

Singing and swigging and shivving and splitting

Down the lake with the putrid stench of marketing gone loose, US import show, Prison Break faces a more than accepting convergence of awareness. Parting cheeks wet with soapy water and a room full of criminals, the landscape for Australian television hype continues to reach deeper levels.

Last Thursday, with the movement of changing guards, Todd Ellis and Todd John Carr made leave of Silverwater gaol. Holding up work permits, like Jedi waving away Storm troopers, or Time Lords with wallets clasping papers dipped in telepathic ink, the pair suffered no troubles strolling back into society.

Yesterday, an emaciated Robert Cole slipped through the bars of his Long Bay prison cell. Cole cracked through into toughened string by a diet regime government officials routinely feed detention centre refugees.

Prison Break rides the premise of a prison designer who helps his falsely accused brother escape death row by breaking out from the inside. Leading up to the recent events in security, announcements from the station were sly in forewarning the public and police about the fact that, "There's going to be a prison break."

Coupled with last year's announcement of the cancellation of Blue Heelers, a long running serial documentary on Australia's highest per capita crime locale, and the scene continues to bleed with escapees.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 18 January 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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