The Wax Conspiracy

Screen printing impressions of a voting system

Swimming lanes deep in waters for the arts and design, the expression exhibition Sydney Esquisse continues frightening the lost and peculiar of the city. Installations and decorations for the culturally hungry hip flask of the inner, inner city streets. Navigations through discolourations of a venn diagram under the swarming lights of dot matrices.

Only a few days remain before the close of shop once again for another year as the voting on the T-shirt competition runs parallel. Throwing open the selection in the competition, partners Incu Clothing and the Galeries Victoria are forging an attempt at a self-styled stick at politics.

Sunk down on the ground, a boxful of ballot papers and a lone pen with votes begging to be cast. Papers to the side of a window displaying the fifteen T-shirt designs are being duly completed and the work of the young artists debated upon by pairs and groups of people in stands and strands of singles.

As their decisions are made and their wishes cast, they then seek the employ of the ballot box, keeper of the ballots. In a location of three levels and a plethora of walkways, voters then find themselves within an installation governing the thoughts of lost ballots, ineffective voting blocs and the destruction of sanity. Endlessly they walk, forever searching for that elusive ballot box to take hold of their voting slips.

Frustration pays witness to the few that crumble and declare the voting system a joke and illusionary. Others remain resolute that their intended nominations will find its way toward the tally. In either case, no votes are counted.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 16 March 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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