The Wax Conspiracy

Schapelle Corby looks up with odds down at twenty to one

Following on from the Indonesian courts, as they handed down the twenty year sentencing to Schapelle Corby, the nation enters a state of mourning as they find themselves at a loss for drugs to talk about. At least until the nation remembers of the failed cricket side, the Bali IX. A side two short of a full eleven and still without a 12th man. Certainly not strong enough to compete against the Prime Minister's XI.

Convicted on the charge of smuggling drugs into Indonesia, with the aid of a boogie board no less, the result united both the prosecution and the defence. Both sides crying out at the injustice served. Too lenient say the prosecution. Too harsh say the defence. Proffered by and to no one, a light headed relieving sample of the marijuana at the centre of the trial.

Optimists into Corby's condition and state estimate the young woman to emerge from the squalor of the gaol cells at age 47. Gawking lunch time masses transfixed by the rolling procession have been seen setting up small pools on other possibilities.

Corby will end her misery by the end of the year. Hopefully out to not only beat her own life but of an act many believe Michael Jackson may consider himself should charges into child molestation be found legitimate.

Corby, through actual action and intervention of the Australian government, will be shifted back home in an apocryphal prisoner exchange program. Her return would then leap frog the attempts of Australians look to bring home the troops and defence force as they look for ways out of The Never Ending War Story. Atreyu will not be consulted.

Corby will release the first book before the year's end. This on the precursor that a deal for the rights to the telemovie, book and theatrical stage production have not already been signed off and collected by financier and Gold Coast businessman, Ron Bakir.

Taking the opportunity down streams of salt water tears across Corby cheeks, the NSW State Government outlined plans for the conservation of water supply. Plans that come on the freshly baked heels of tighter water restrictions for Sydney residents.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 27 May 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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