The Wax Conspiracy

Salt cracker work of the Commonwealth games medal tally

Twitch the trigger happy fingers, face down in the gold, silver and bronze, commentators and watchers up from their drool bowl, slobbering from the after effects. Ten days come gone and past through the hoary streets of Melbourne for the Commonwealth games.

Through the track & field, pools and various courts as the players turn nations, itchy fingers and eyeballs scratch for another look at that medal tally. With Britain, India and Canada the only real threats, the gold, silver and bronze pile on up.

Day after day, the hour upon hour need for rubbing metal into the sweet spot of the gums infects the callers and desk ridden sport jackets. Another change and another number for the Australian team, riding them high through the season, despite the numbers elsewhere. Fever pitch and their veins ripple with excitement at the accountant's wet dream splat large on the public display.

Watching on, through the magic people inside boxes and stuck inside walls of vision, the gaping mouths suckling at the lactating teat pry themselves off only after the closing ceremony breaks out with a Bollywood flavour.

Addicts for the crack, now looking for their next fix.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 27 March 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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