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Richard Carlton collapses dead ahead of Beaconsfield breakout

Preempting the hard and soft rock strike of the rescue efforts of the two entombed Beaconsfield miners, journalist Richard Carlton died in the air of death and egg sandwiches.

Collapsing at a live press conference, Carlton beat out the rescue efforts and fell victim to another heart attack, so prone and heavy of his life. This attack, however, proved fatal to his state and fodder for the throng.

Despite being a senior television reporter, and in particular for Channel Nine, his cold call quiver behind a curtain draw was not featured in forced picture-in-picture displays over other broadcasts. Nor was his passing made the subject of up-to-the-minute analysis of non-movement and unchanging status.

The two trapped Tasmanian miners, Brant Webb and Todd Russell, remain alive and the continuing focus of boring efforts.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 7 May 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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