The Wax Conspiracy

Real People, Real Money, Genuine Woollen Knits

Reality television filling in the crevasses of the brain dead glut still manages to hook the hicks and inbred from their suburban coils. Faced with seemingly burgeoning opportunities to revel in their own filth, people sacrifice their children's sanity in the hopes of being the next has-beens-that-never-were. The scams are in the making and possibly one of the latest comes from an organisation based in the state of Queensland.

Random recipients are chosen from a fluctuating pool of 250 that runs into the thousands. Statistically following all the rules of fishing, an envelope is sent with details of being a "chosen one." The plate in this case being that they have made their way onto the second stage of a selection process. One for an "exciting new television show" being produced by the people of Starsearch Productions (formerly known as We Finance Anything). The "invitation" requests that the lucky Readers Digest primped contestants send in $125 to aid in the "processing fee."

Following recent vomit-inducing productions such as The Hot House, Popstars Live, My Restaurant Rules and The Resort, red flags should be set alight when reading either sober or inebriated. The request of the processing fee should do well enough to stamp the intentions.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 21 April 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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