The Wax Conspiracy

Quarter pounder of sedatives in cardboard burgers flush out sedated

Contradiction sauces the buffed banana peels and foreskins of grapes. The Golden Arches of McDonalds are continuing with their aggressive strategy to win back the clotted arteries and congested colons of the millions of zombies around the world.

A battle that wages on following two rather recent blows. One, a guerilla documentary, Supersize Me, featuring the excess of an excessive all-you-can-inject-through-the-veins diet. The other, a recently cow tipped CEO who proudly confessed to eating the company product for years shortly before an unrelated heart failure.

On the ever hunger delivering conglomerate wagon and destroyer of cultures, their current tactic appears to screen out the good and feed in the bad. Ambiguously targeted commercials ride the waves in a boat down rudimentary reverse psychology.

Leading the naked brigade, the deceptively named Quarter Pounder burger, with a singlet sheet of cheese an optional affect.

Under refusal of a time of "contentment" following its mere consumption, the latest campaign features an obvious nod to the drug-addled karma culture of the young and youthful. Examples highlighted in the segment include an oblivious and stoned labourer blissfully sitting atop an I-beam of a high rise construction site while paint drains from above. Another report sees a man too stricken with pain and paralysed with phantom fear to move from a bench under a blazing hail of sprinkler-shot water.

Running head long into a spongy mire of mixed signals, the delivery plays a coy mockery on drug rehabilitation. With no apparent sense, the act is akin to warding spirits and demons from the people of their spider-infected skin and frog-swamped bed sheets. Clamouring for their hardcore target base. At the same time, their misleading advertisements may covertly flush out the less than affluent street corner consumers looking for a renewed hit on sedation.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 6 April 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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