The Wax Conspiracy

Never ending, self-funding, closing down sales

Unremarkably, the industry for discount quality Persian rugs found discarded in shipping containers at reduced prices is a healthy one surviving merely on its own self-fulfilling endeavours.

With no dead immigrant bodies found in many of these containers, the stains of humanity is limited to hand, foot and fingerprints over and across the many threads and piles. This has less to do with the prophecy and more with finding time to extend a cause and attention.

Which explains the annoying and senses berating existence of commercials declaring bankruptcy and the imminent closure of a particular vendor. With the added volume garnered by the familiar refrains of: "prices will be slashed," "doors must close midnight tonight," and "all slave labour has been checked for ticks," brings it attention.

Attention which brings customers, those middling and trickling few who do buy, to fund the bastard and yet well bred cousin of bootleg piracy. Creating a false sense of immediacy lures fools from their caves and creates liars and hand rubbers of the operators behind the operations.

Of all they who walk through the doors, the small turnover in actual sales is enough to cover the costs for another day. Fortunately though, this extension by hypertension only lasts for at most a couple months after the initial shut down proclamation.

This whole rule of cycle applies not only to that of warehouses shelling runners and wall hangers, but to smaller goods and items of mixed gender and loose reasoning.

Ethan Switch

Written on Saturday, 21 October 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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