The Wax Conspiracy

Mind the multicultural mind gap, Mentallo

Stamped across envelopes and all sorts of immigration papers, the words Return To Sender whistle in a most Elvis Presley like reverence toward postal items. Such is the current climate in Australian migrant policy as they see a trio of women step onto the soil that they may even have the audacity to call home.

Shocking the Government with her recent media conference, Cornelia Rau spoke to reporters and journalists in a language written down for their editors, English. As clear as the methylated spirits drain through a loaf of bread, her words and demeanour rang to a truth about them that would surely scream for compensation. Clearly one for the missing files and wayward personnel reports and making with the flood as she opened the doors months ago on the treatment of detainees at the Baxter Detention Resort Facility.

Kicking of the proceedings in the end of last week, Vivian Alvarez-Solon is also set to return her feet to the big brown land. Months after suffering care at the hands of people outside the very government that seeks to render itself void of any malice and intent. Resembling the basic skin tonality and language skills of any other worker in the sweatshops of Australia, it was only a matter of time before the authorities would have to answer to speculation and simple questions. Talks of compensation have also arisen in the name space of Alvarez-Solon.

Three times the charm plus one.

Amidst all this, Malaysian-born Virginia Leong and her daughter Naomi, striking up a two for the price of one deal in these economically stringent times. There are strong denials about their release from the Villawood Relaxation and Detention Complex being on the worded pressure of overseas media. Possibly, their walk is as a result of flushing out the system during these heady times already taxing itself under the burden of concentration.

All out in a rush today.
'Fore the inmates have their say.

Ethan Switch

Written on Tuesday, 24 May 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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