The Wax Conspiracy

Leslie bails on Bali, Corby continues the rot and the IX stay festering

Schapelle Corby, running faster and going nowhere even quicker with her hair dressing career, is still locked in a Bali hole. Sentenced to 20 years, her chances of staying relevant against other recent drug smacking mules, abusers and stool users took a severe hit on the weekend.

Beating out the other contestants, convicted ecstasy junkie, Michelle Leslie, finds the exit to the Bali courts and gaols. Convicted as a drug user and sentenced to three months, the model's time already served showed the Australian the door as certain periods of expiration necessitated such moves. Expected to have hit the shores some time earlier in the day, the model has gone gopher on her return to Australia.

Watching in parallel to the renewed focus on wafer babe, Kate Moss, Leslie is set to make again a name for herself. With a reported modelling career, Leslie is touted as hot property and will find a conflict of interest between celebrity with fortune and the laws of the nation. Laws which forbid convicted criminals from profiteering, though the crossing of national borders is unknown in the deal.

Leslie may even find an outlet to continue the faux Muslim leanings seen adopted shortly after handling bundled tissue paper which led to the predicament in the first place.

Unofficial cricketing side, The Bali IX, stay festering as their stew continues the farcical nature of strapping drugs underneath cloaking devices untested.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 20 November 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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