The Wax Conspiracy

Karmic deflection of money found into the homeless lost

Question the fate of the lost wallet found by a supposedly innocent passer-by or by one of sticky fingers.

One files away the new lost found into the pocket system of the pants as they carry on their merry way. Finders keepers, losers weepers, legless cannot out pace the sprinter on the roller blades, no matter how greased their ligtening is. Simplistic Karma follows the trail and its wrath feels hot in the future.

The other opts to hand in the wallet to its rightful jack knife owner. From there the cut again into the split of return. For some, a reward, and others, nothing but the back of the leather hand closing shut after the inspection of most all contents within.

Rewards are tokens and in most cases, often token in size themselves. It is a rare case where the grateful showers with bills larger than a blue swimmer. Simplistic Karma here coins a credit of possible use later on.

Experiment with a combination of the two paths, involving the destitute and homeless of the faceless city, to see where the Simplistic Karma runs into the ground.

Instead of keeping the money or returning the wallet (or returning the money and keeping the wallet) hand the find to a member of the invisible and ignored city. They of the cardboard homes and newspaper blankets.

Follow the flow; what end this result? Serving their addiction to drink? To enable them with the vices of dragon chasers? Or buying them the right to render the wave of Simplistic Karma come good in their way?

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 26 February 2007

The Wax Conspiracy

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