The Wax Conspiracy

Howard wins another term, terrorists disappoint crowds once again

Drunken masses, tree felling Tasmanians and well greened Australians thumbed their brown noses to Mark Latham and Labor by returning John Howard to government for another indeterminate stay wielding his brand of trust and disclosure for an historic fourth term.

Watching on from the sidelines were coroners and criminal investigators and hijack nuts who had already conceded the Coalition return a few days out from polling day. Their insight into the result was clouded by references to earlier elections held in Indonesia and Spain. Taking lessons taught by the terrorists, the pundits knew full well the stay of the Howard eyebrow juggernaut when in the lead up, no bomb blasts or massacres occurred on Australian soil.

Tossed out summarily on their policies and fear-mongering, the incumbent Spanish and Indonesians governments were granted sweet relief as their electorate welcomed a refreshing change of government weeks and days following significant body splays in the lead up to their national elections.

Largely to thank in terms of dislodging those empires, the terrorists organisations and suicide cells were noticeably absent in the Australian experiment and litmus test for the still to be held US Presidentials.

Teaching masters and reading students, terrorism may have been sent the wrong message if, like the splinters and factional groups that appeared on the NSW senate voting ballot, they were under the impression that a subdued appearance may result in some notice.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 10 October 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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