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Holiday road deaths leave impressive score to settle for next year

With help from an extra leap second for New Year's Eve of 2005, the nation's drivers and passengers trumped last year's holiday road toll. Staggering through the doors of hell with an impressive 30 count corpse increase, the tally of 78 crumpled and charred remains leaves a high mark for the next Christmas and New Year period.

Showing a renewed effort over last year, Queensland rose to the challenge and added a baker's dozen to read 19. One short of the reigning champions. An effort which brought out all reserves to include those without licences to drive.

Proudly holding onto the shovels and ashes as this year's winners, New South Wales remains atop the pack. A rise of five to hit twenty more for the morgue. The charge not starting until a day into the counting period.

Almost eclipsed by the pace of their long time interstate rivals up north, most reports of NSW fatalities stood aside as the sheer bravado and compassion of Queensland took centre stage. Report after report marvelling at the sheer force of number raining down from the cane toad state in the early stages.

Taking out the third podium position, Victoria comes in with a triple count bump for sixteen in the period.

Ringing in a 2006 with screams, South Australian residents dropped a whopping five bodies to add to their state slate of twelve, ten up from last period. Fourth in overall standings, SA are second in the most improved numbers.

Western Australia pocketed two up over last year to sit with nine. Tasmania only doubled theirs to wallow on two deaths.

Disappointingly, the Northern Territory lost ground as they remained fatality free and failed to meet the three of last year. They join the continually abysmal ACT with absolutely no contribution to the road tolls.

Ethan Switch

Written on Saturday, 7 January 2006

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